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Interstate Moving

The process of interstate moving initiated by the Vintage Kings Highways Moving consists of dedicated planning, scheduling, packing, loading, stacking, transportation and delivery services. We started our organization with a vision to bring about a revolution in the moving industry through customer centric approach all our activities. Our aim is to minimize the costs to the customer while improving the service quality in all its aspects. For this we have integrated our valuable resources of men, machine, material and moving trucks. Through consistent experimentation we have come to adopt the best methods and practices in the moving industry. This approach has pushed us ahead of the other interstate companies all over the US.

Interstate Moving – Infrastructure at Vintage Highways Moving

The infrastructural facilities at the Vintage Kings Highways Moving are perfectly in line with the AMSA and the ISO guidelines. We have pooled the best of talented men from the intelligent logistics sector for planning our moving projects. Our method of planning spans into all kinds of FCL and LCL shipments across the US on trucks and other moving vehicles.

Network: – The network of offices, branches and franchises we have installed over the US is our strength. With our HQ at Orlando Florida, we have been expanding our service coverage area throughout the years. Today we have been rated at the top of interstate moving companies because of our unwavering customer support and the trust placed in us by our growing numbers of customers. When you send your shipments through Vintage Highways Moving, you can be assured about the dependability and the punctuality of our services every time. You will be sure of your cargo reaching the destination within your own scheduled time in the safest conditions. We have a series of warehousing units which can store your cargo temporarily during transit. Our network of communication and data exchange ensures real time connectivity between the moving trucks and the controlling and monitoring points. Our high tech devices for Wi-Fi, GPS and remote sensing systems ensure complete cargo tracking, route mapping and navigational support for our truck drivers throughout the network.

Trucks: – At Vintage Kings Highways Moving you can find the high end trucks with long haulage, high load carrying and top speed features. The truck design has been done by the world renowned brands from the US known for automotive engineering wonders. The complete design and construction of the engine, chassis, wheel and axle and the other mechanical parts is done to perfection. Our range of trucks and trailers vary from 20 ton capacity to 50+ tons. They can carry any kind of cargo including the household items, office goods, commercial cargo, cars and other high-tech automobiles. The technology driven modern mobile and satellite communication links all the moving trucks with other vehicles, branches and franchises in real time. Our truck drivers have many years of experience in moving across the length and breadth of the US across all the states. Being guided by the latest route mapping and geographical analysis tools, they are able to reach the destination within the shortest possible time.

HR: – Vintage Kings Highways Moving is a HR driven company with thousands of technical, administrative, and skilled employees along with a growing number of workforce. We are capable of meeting all your needs from the stage of planning till the final cargo delivery at the destination. Our communication skills and the coordination between team members make it possible to achieve the highest level of efficiency in all the aspects of our service.

Vintage Kings Highways Moving – Quality Policy

At Vintage Highways Moving, our quality policy is to provide the highest efficiency of moving services to our customers with the most competitive rates in the present market. We shall try to achieve this goal with the help of our infrastructure consisting of men, machine, material and moving trucks. We shall implement the best quality standards and methods to enhance our performance levels through continual improvement, employee training and inclusion of latest technology and tools. Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction in all the aspects of our services.

Vintage Kings Highways Moving – Quality Objectives

The quality objectives of Vintage Kings Highways Moving are essentially driven by our quality policy. Since we are following the principles and practices in all the aspects of our services, we have been able to improve the performance levels of moving interstate activities.

Rates: – At Vintage Kings Highways Moving our aim is to reduce the rates of services to the customers in a consistent manner. Most of the cross country moving companies feel it is an impossible task, due to the ever increasing fuel prices, service rates, maintenance tasks and other inflation factors. However, we have adopted a unique approach through which we are able to optimize all the aspects in the most efficient ways. Hence we are able to improve on our quality while reducing the rates at a gradual and constant pace. St some points we strive keep the prices constant while the others have rapidly increased the rates. This is due to the efficiency of our infrastructure and our service architecture.

Quality: – At Vintage Highways Moving, quality is a measurable quantity which can be improvised with time. The parameters which we consider for punctuality, speed, efficient work output, optimization of resource utilization, minimizing of waste and maximizing the customer benefits. Since we are able to focus on the most intricate aspects of the moving services, our customers get benefited from our services to the maximum extent. Hence our rating among the cross country moving companies has remained the highest since the day of our inception.

Consistency: – Keeping the services at the peak performance levels is consistent process practiced at Vintage Highways Moving. We believe in long stint performance in the industry with assured growth and expansion across the entire US. We have been able to establish our brand reputation among the customers moving interstate over long distances due to our consistent performance improvement methods for today and the future.